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Welcome to Cotswold Podiatrists. As a highly graded podiatrists in Cheltenham, Paul Trickey, provides an accomplished service in foot care from his clinic in Cheltenham.  Persistent foot complaints can be down to musculoskeletal problems, as well as poor posture. Cotswold Podiatry and Chiropody takes you to the root of the issue.

Is recurrent poor foot function stopping you from enjoying your favourite sport?  Don’t continue to suffer with your foot problems when you have an expert podiatrist on your doorstep who can help. Get yourself on the path to recovery by contacting the practice on 01242 514 103 and booking your appointment today.


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Do you suffer from continual foot, knee, back, spinal and joint pain? Is dealing with bunions, calluses, corns athlete’s foot, in fact all foot problems a regular occurrence for you? Our chiropodists in Cheltenham can start to help your feet get back to full health.


Continual foot problems can often be caused by hidden musculoskeletal issues and it takes a highly trained podiatrist to identify and treat the underlying problems and poor posture. At Cotswold Podiatry we take you straight to the real cause of your foot issues.


For many of us, wearing shoes, trainers and any other footwear can be agonising or uncomfortable. Despite the fact that thousands of us ignore such problems and try to carry on their problems simply persist or worsen. Cotswold Podiatry can help.


We are a local Cheltenham podiatrist’s clinic which has served the local area for many years. From the treatment of cracked heels, foot injuries, corns, athletes foot, ingrowing toe nails, verrucas and painful feet to dealing with posture correction, orthotics and sports injuries. If you need an experienced, qualified foot doctor then we can help.Book an initial consultation today on 01242 514 103 or click the button below to send us an email.