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chiropodist-in-CheltenhamDo you suffer from continual foot, knee, back, spinal and joint pain? Is dealing with bunions, calluses, corns athlete’s foot, in fact all foot problems a regular occurrence for you?

Such problems can be a result of abnormal posture and lower limb mechanics, and as an experienced biomechanics specialist, Paul Trickey DPodM. MChS. MBCP. SRCh of Cotswold Podiatry and Chiropody can help to alleviate and even cure these complaints.

Nail care

Poor nail health can be seen in the form of cracked, flimsy nails, yellowing, and fungal growth and persistent pain or irritation. There is no reason why you should have to put up with these issues. Why not contact the clinic to seek the advice of an experienced chiropodist and podiatrist?

Basic hygiene and nail cutting may be all that’s needed to maintain feet in good health. But when normal feet turn into problem feet, it’s best to seek professional help. The most common foot problems are:

  • Corns and Callous
  • Bunions
  • Ingrowing nails
  • Verrucae (warts)

Cotswold Podiatry can help with these conditions.

Sports injuries:

Have you injured your foot or ankle playing sport, or indeed in any other circumstances?

Through regular sessions with your podiatrist, you can regain full mobility and put the pain behind you. Call the practice to enquire further.

The service includes:

  • Ingrown toe nail treatment
  • Treatment of corns, calluses, verrucae and bunions
  • Treatment for foot deformities such as claw toe
  • Athlete’s foot treatment
  • Help for back, leg, knee and joint pain
  • Gait analysis and full functional correction

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We are a local Cheltenham podiatrist’s clinic which has served the local area for many years. From the treatment of cracked heels, foot injuries, corns, athletes foot, ingrowing toe nails, verrucas and painful feet to dealing with posture correction, orthotics and sports injuries. If you need an experienced, qualified foot doctor then we can help.Book an initial consultation today on 01242 514 103 or click the button below to send us an email.