insoles CheltenhamFor many of us, wearing shoes, trainers and any other footwear can be agonising or uncomfortable. Despite the fact that thousands of us ignore such problems and try to carry on as though nothing is the matter, there is in fact a very simple way to be free of your discomfort. Chiropodist, podiatrist and biomechanics specialist, Paul Trickey, offers the solution via palliative insoles and functionally corrective orthoses.

Tailor-made insoles and orthoses

If your foot is constantly being forced into an abnormal position, then the pain will soon follow, which can extend all the way to your knees, spine and back, hindering your quality of life greatly. The insole provided to you at Cotswold Chiropody and Podiatry will help to realign your foot, taking pressure off the most vulnerable areas.

Full consultation and advice

As well as a thorough analysis of your foot and gait, your podiatrist will ask lifestyle questions in order to determine any subsidiary factors causing your foot condition. This will enable you to receive sound advice regarding the ways in which you can help to lessen the problem yourself.

The outcomes:

  • Reduced pain in your feet
  • Corrected posture, helping other parts of your body that are being affected
  • Increased mobility
  • A reduced chance of injuries occurring or reoccurring
  • The return of a more comfortable gait
  • Reduction or absence in recurrent corns and callus

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We are a local Cheltenham podiatrist’s clinic which has served the local area for many years. From the treatment of cracked heels, foot injuries, corns, athletes foot, ingrowing toe nails, verrucas and painful feet to dealing with posture correction, orthotics and sports injuries. If you need an experienced, qualified foot doctor then we can help.Book an initial consultation today on 01242 514 103 or click the button below to send us an email.