Orthotics are one of the main tools that podiatrists use to help with posture correction and other feet related problems. Put simply, they are a specialist type of foot support that goes into the shoe can offer many more benefits than the standard, over the counter variations.   Here at Cotswold Podiatry, we are specialists in producing orthotics that perfectly help your foot problem.

Common uses of orthotics

One of the most common reasons for using orthotics is to help deal with arch and heel pain, known as plantar fasciitis as well as problems with lower leg tendons and knee pain.   To make foot orthotics, a cast or scan is made of the foot and measurements take of the foot and leg to help ensure the fit is perfect for you as an individual.

There are options for the type of orthotics used but the most common is a thermoplastic device that can vary in rigidity and flexibility depending on the needs of the foot.   These can last anywhere from five to ten years but do need to be changed if there are changes in the foot such as surgery, developing arthritis or if your foot size changes, in children.

Orthotics can also be used for a shorter period of time to help recover from a sports injury or from an accident.

Why use orthotics?

Wearing orthotics is easy as they are made to perfectly fit your feet and don’t make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. If you have a condition or an injury that require them, they can make a big difference.   As well as providing support to the foot, orthotics can reduce pain and can prevent an injury or condition from worsening. It can also improve posture that can alleviate pain in other parts of the body and improve the overall function of the foot, known as the biomechanics.

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