We have been providing chiropody and podiatry services to the local Cheltenham and Cotswold areas for many years and have built up a much valued and local client base who are happy to give us some great feedback. Don’t continue to suffer needlessly with foot problems, we can help and have done so for countless people over the years. Read just a small selection of their feedback below:

As a man of 56 years, I developed an annoying problem with my big left toe nail; it was hardly terminal, but my wife suggested that I should get a professional opinion and thus made an appointment for me with Mr. S. Paul Trickey.

When I saw him, not only did he painlessly ‘fix’ my toe nail, but he also diagnosed that my left side was one and a half inches shorter than my right! He suggested corrective measures, which included ‘made -to-measure’ insoles. These have enabled me to be balanced once more and able to walk with greater freedom and poise than ever before – a new lease of life in fact!

So if you have problems with your legs or feet necessitating a professional service which includes home visits, nail surgery and bio-mechanics, don’t delay, phone Paul Trickey today for your assessment and like me learn to walk tall and proud.

David Curtis

Dear Paul i wanted to drop you a line to say a huge “Thank You”. I spent years (several decades, in fact) going to chiropractors, Alexander Technique practitioners, chiropodists, deep-tissue massage people, GPs, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, rheumatologists and podiatrists. I probably glow in the dark from all the X-rays (which didn’t help at all). I sought help wherever I was living at the time – from London to Lincolnshire, north Wales to Wiltshire and, in the last three years, Gloucestershire – here, in Cheltenham.

This was in an effort to sort out excruciating pain (from my shoulders, through mid-back, lower back and left foot). All the people 1 saw meant well. Some provided limited- temporary help, some made no difference at all and some even made it worse. One podiatrist suggested that the re-slole I had searing pain in my foot was because my shoe laces were tied too high up the shoe.

None of them had your knowledge and expertise. Certainly, none did a biomechanical assessment of any value. You took time to do the job properly. Remarkably, I first came to see you about in-growing toenails! Whilst you were tackling my toes, I mentioned the awful pain I had in my left foot. You grasped my foot, looked at it for a second or two, told me to bend my knee and had, in seconds, seen the problem. Amazing! Miraculous!

So now, I have two swanky pairs of perfect orthoses. I no longer have a pain around the right shoulder blade (at its worst, it felt like a javelin through my back), nor do I have the feeling of a heated knitting needle stabbed through my left foot. For the first time in years, I can stand up straight. So, again, my thanks and gratitude.

Anne J

Mr. Trickey’s work is effective, value for money and respected within the industry. Mr. Trickey’s reputation is known and recognized as extremely good, especially the quality of his hand made orthoses and held in high regard by the GAIT & POSTURE CENTRE Harley Street, London. The staff are always polite, approachable and considerate and there is little that could be done to improve the business.

Mr. Lee Rogers

I am writing to express my appreciation of all the meticulous work you put into solving my foot problems. When I came to you I was suffering pain in both heels, whatever footwear I wore – extremely frustrating for someone who enjoys long-distance walking.

You took great trouble to explain the causes of my problem and to make special orthotics to correct my foot ailment and posture, so that now, 6 months later, I can walk without pain. The exercises you prescribed are greatly followed to relieve all the tightness in my legs. With many thanks from a very satisfied patient.

Yours sincerely

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We are a local Cheltenham podiatrist’s clinic which has served the local area for many years. From the treatment of cracked heels, foot injuries, corns, athletes foot, ingrowing toe nails, verrucas and painful feet to dealing with posture correction, orthotics and sports injuries. If you need an experienced, qualified foot doctor then we can help.Book an initial consultation today on 01242 514 103 or click the button below to send us an email.