Treatment for Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot is a common skin condition caused by a fungus that normally grows between the toes.   This fungus likes feet because they are warm, dark and often humid creating the perfect place for it to grow.   There are different fungal infections that aren’t Athletes Foot but the condition is probably the most well known example of this type of infection.

Causes of Athletes Foot

You can pick up Athletes Foot from a number of locations – swimming pools, showers and locker rooms are some of the most common. They are warm and damp and the perfect place for fungi. This is how the condition gained its name – it was noticed most often in athletes who use these kinds of places frequently.

The signs of the condition include dry skin, an itching or burning sensation as it spreads and scaling.   There can also be inflammation of the skin and blisters, which crack and can bleed. These areas often cause the pain and more swelling that propel people to visit a podiatrist for help.

While originating between the toes, the condition often spreads to the soles of the feet, toenails and even to other parts of the body that come into compact with the feet or the hands after touching the feet. In some cases, it can even be spread by bedsheets or clothing.

Dealing with Athletes Foot

A visit to Cotswold Podiatry is a great way to start dealing with your Athletes Foot problem.   We can carry out an assessment of the condition to ensure we know exactly what type of fungus have infected your feet and look at treatment options. Often this will involve chemicals or drugs while occasionally, antibiotics might be needed to clear out your system. We can also help with measures to prevent reoccurrence in the future and ensure your feet remain fungus-free.

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