Treatment for Foot Injuries

Because our feet work so hard for us, they are also prone to picking up injuries. There are many different types of foot injuries and how to treat them best depends on the nature of the problem. A podiatrist is an expert in foot care who can help you understand that problem and take the best course of action and this is part of the service that Cotswold Podiatry offer.

Diagnosing a problem

Often rest and a cold compress can help deal with a foot injury but you may realise quickly that this is a bigger problem as the treatment doesn’t help. Or it may be clear immediately that this more than just a bit of a strain and you need to have a specialist look at the issue.

Examination of the foot is the standard method to diagnose any problems. Sometimes tests may be required such as X-rays or an ultrasound, particularly if there might be a fracture of break in one of the bones.   Ultrasounds can highlight problems such as soft tissue injuries and stress fractures.

Advising you on treatment

Once the diagnosis is complete, then the treatment can be offered. Again, this depends on what the nature of the problem is and may involve further action or simply a series of steps that you can take at home.   Some medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs may also be required to help reduce swelling associated with the injury and aid healing.

Another element of the podiatrist service is to carry out an assessment on the injury.   Sometimes it is just one of those things that happens but other times it may be due to a posture issue or possible through some repeated process. The assessment can look at your posture and other elements to diagnose any problems and advise corrective action to avoid the injury occurring again.

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