Treatment for Corns

Many people experience corns on their feet for a variety of reasons but often don’t understand the underlying cause and therefore can’t take steps to avoid them once treated.   Corns and calluses are the body’s way of protecting the body against more serious problems such as blisters or sores and should be treated in a certain way. At Cotswold Podiatry, we can assess the corns and help give you the right solution to the problem.

What causes corns?

Corns often form in the same area as calluses. Calluses are an area of thickened skin while a corn is a smaller, thicker spot, often cone shaped and extending deeply into the skin. It can be surrounded by a callus.

There are lots of reasons that corns appear on the feet and also on the hands. People who play musical instruments often get them on their hands as do people working in manual jobs where they repeat the same task frequently. Hand and feet corns are a result of the same issue – excessive pressure. The body creates the corn to protect the area receiving the pressure and to stop sores appearing instead.

Treating corns

You can buy over the counter treatments for corns but these are often only dealing with the surface and not the underlying problem. There is also the problem that some treatments can have side effects such as for those suffering from diabetes who find foot injuries take a long time to heal.

The podiatrist will carry out an assessment looking at the actual shape of your feet to see if you have any issues there as well as looking for protruding bones that can causes corns and calluses. Sometimes the problem comes from your gait or posture and there are ways to correct this while other times it can be something as simple as improper footwear.


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