Treatment for Ingrowing Toe Nails

Ingrowing toe nails are one of the most common foot problems that people suffer from and can be very painful. The condition happens when the nail grows in the wrong way and digs into the soft tissue of the nail grooves.   This can lead to irritation and redness as well as swelling and if you knock the foot against something, a lot of sharp pain.

Dealing with problem nails

Because the condition of ingrowing toe nails is so common, it is one of the most common treatments we offer at Cotswold Podiatry. There are several causes for the condition and part of treating it is discovering what is causing the nail to grow incorrectly. Sometimes it is a genetic condition that you can do nothing about but sometimes it is due to improperly trimmed nails or repeated trauma to the feet due to daily activities. Finally, it can even be caused by shoes not fitting properly and crowding toes together.

People often treat an ingrowing toe nail at home and for a very mild condition, this might be okay but if there is redness, swelling, prominent skin tissue or a bad odour around the foot, then this is a sign you should see an expert.

Easing the condition

Once an assessment has been carried out to see what the underlying cause of the problem, the podiatrist can then look to treat the condition. This can involve removing a section of the nail and sometimes a topical or oral medication to help deal with any infection that it has caused.   The exact treatment depends on exactly what is causing the problem.

The podiatrist may also offer advice to help prevent the condition from reoccurring, including looking at the type of footwear worn and how you cut your nails on a regular basis.

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