Treatment for Painful Feet

Because feet work so hard, it isn’t a surprise that sometimes they are painful. The key is understanding what causes painful feet and if anything needs to be done to ease the pain. This is where a podiatrist is important and is one of the main services that Cotswold Podiatry offer.

Understanding painful feet

The job of the podiatrist is to evaluate, diagnose and offer treatments for common conditions as well as injuries that affect the feet. This can include the ankle and the related structures of the leg and range from conditions such as bunions and verrucas through to heel pain, plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

If you are experience either a sharp pain (acute) or ongoing pain (chronic) then it is advisable to see a doctor. Likewise, if you are experiencing problems with verrucas, warts and bunions that over the counter treatments aren’t effecting, then it is worth a visit to see an expert. Sometimes these problems can be the visible signs of a deeper problem that may require special treatment.

Injuries and posture problems

In the case of chronic pain, the problem can often come from issues with the posture or the shape of the feet. This can be something that has been with us from birth but causes problems as we get older. Or it can be something that has happened due to situations in life – our job, hobbies or other activities that are done repeatedly and can lead to bad posture.

Sometimes those activities or hobbies can lead to injuries, especially sports injuries.   Getting the right help to understand the injury and how to treat it is very important but also assessing how it happened can prevent reoccurrence. When the feet are involved, a podiatrist can assess your gait, posture and other factors to see if this was a factor in the injury.

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