Treatment for Posture Correction

Sometimes our posture comes from birth while sometimes, daily actions or activities can have an impact on it. Whatever the case, if there is a problem with our posture, it often involves the feet and this is where Cotswold Podiatry can help.

Problems with posture

One example that is often encountered is the problem from flat footedness – where the arches of the foot don’t rise and the whole of the foot rests against the floor. This condition can be from birth and can also develop over time but either way, it can affect the toe joints, the inside of the heel and other problems. This means that posture correction can be required to help deal with the problem and the effects that it causes.

Other times, posture correction is needed for problems caused by repetitive daily actions.   This can be from sports activities, work related issues or simply things we do at home every day that can lead to posture problems. This might need an assessment to find out the root of the problem before correction can be considered.

How posture can be corrected

Chiropodists and podiatrists have a number of tools at their disposal to help with posture correction.   They will often use technology to help assess things such as the gait of a person, how they walk, as this helps them see problems with the feet and legs as well as the upper body. Posture correction is often about looking at the body as a whole rather than just the feet as problems in one area can lead to issues in other ones.

Once the source of the problem has been discovered, then they can look at options to deal with it.   This can range from inserts to wear in shoes to exercises and other systems to help correct the posture and ease the associated pain.

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