Treatment for Sports Injuries

Very few amateur or professional sports people go through their lives without experiencing some kind of sports injuries and among these, the feet are the most common areas to be effected. Whether this is through an injury to the foot or to the leg that affects the foot, these injuries can be painful and debilitating. This is also where Cotswold Podiatry can help with your recovery and also with injury prevention.

Assessing the condition

Treatment begins with assessing the condition to understand what happened and also any underlying problems that may have contributed to it. For example, an injury received while running could be partially down to a trip but also due to a posture issue in the legs or feet that made the injury more severe. Poor structural alignment is often something we are completely unaware of until something happens such as an injury or an accident.

The assessment of sports injuries will take into account the foot and leg but also lower body issues and even problems with the back. In the course of helping to deal with an injury, a podiatrist may also recommend other treatments to help deal with issues that could be causing injuries.

Help with healing

Sometimes, the assessment will simply recommend the right period of rest or some further exercises that can help strength the body and avoid reoccurrence. It may also be that some orthotics are needed to help deal with a problem – these are special inserts for footwear that can deal with a number of biomechanical issues.

One of the most important steps with recovering from sports injuries is to give yourself time to heal.   Putting pressure on the injury by returning to your sports too quickly can make the injury worse and simply lengthen the time on the side-lines. Remember, even professional footballers need to recover from injuries over time!

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